Expert Treasure Hunter Bundle – Sword, Book & Song!

(Currently Sold Out – sorry!)


Celebrate two years at the Middle-earth Network with our exclusive “Expert Treasure Hunter” package which includes:

  • 1 Elven short sword & scabbard…the perfect size for Hobbits! *
  • 1 leatherette bound pocket-sized edition of The Hobbit by Houghton Mifflin for sponatneous readings and trivia checking
  • 1 mp3 of “Expert Treasure Hunter” by the Lonely Mountain Band from their Second Breakfast album

All of this for $77.00 US!!

* The sword is a real replica sword, 22-inches long.

Note: The elven short sword and scabbard is only available as part of this exclusive package.

Supplies are limited to the first 25 orders.


As a free bonus for those that order now, a copy of the Map of the Dwarves by Middle-earth Network will be included!

Mugs now available in the MyMiddle-earth Market

Greetings Middle-earthlings. Just in time for your new year’s resolution to drink more tea and coffee, we’re now offering two very unique mugs that are only available from the Middle-earth Network!

These 11oz mugs are $6.50 each (plus shipping) or in mix-n-match sets of 6 for $36.00 (plus a huge savings on shipping).


Literature Lovers Mug


A quote from C.S. Lewis,  “You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” followed by the list of the top fantasy and science fiction authors of all time.  The authors were compiled by members of the Middle-earth Network.  The coffee mug was designed using borders & fonts from William Morris, who was a profound influence on J.R.R. Tolkien & C.S. Lewis as well as many fantasy writers that followed. Morris was also one of the driving forces behind the ‘Arts & Crafts’ movement that took place during the 1800′s.  A great way to show off your literary tastes!

View this mug at


Tapestry Mug


William Morris Tapestry Coffee Mug:

This is the verdure with Deer and Shields panel from the tapestry designed by William Morris and Edward Burnes Jones. The Holy Grail or San Graal tapestries are a set of six tapestries depicting scenes from the legend of King Arthur and the quest for the Holy Grail commissioned from Morris & Co. by William Knox D’Arcy in 1890 for his dining room at Stanmore Hall, outside London.

The caption reads “these are the arms of certain knights of the round table bidden to seek the sangreal who departed on the quest  whatever might befal but of those that thus departed these are the chiefest. sir gawaine of orkney. sir lancelot. sir hector de maris. sir bors. sir percival. and sir galahd.”

The subject matter is based on the 15th century text Le Morte D’Arthur (The Death of Arthur) by Sir Thomas Malory. It tells the story of the spiritual quest by the knights of King Arthur’s round table for the Holy Grail, the cup from which Jesus and the disciples drank at the Last Supper. A verdure is a type of tapestry that represents plants or wooded landscapes, sometimes with birds or animals. They (verdures) were produced in Northern Europe from the Middle Ages to the 18th century.

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Art, Literature, & Music Lovers Bundle

NEW to the MyMiddle-earth Market!

Art, Literature, & Music Lovers BundleArt, Literature, & Music Lovers Bundle, a digital collection of 2 Silver Leaves issues, SEER: A Wizards Journey, The Princess & the Goblin Soundtrack and Minstrels of Yuletide: Christmas in Middle-earth!
2 versions are available:
Art, Literature, & Music Lovers Bundle (ebook version)
Art, Literature, & Music Lovers Bundle (iPad version)
This is it!  Between Middle-earth Network, Swordsong Records, Oloris Publishing, & The White Tree Fund we’ve put together a package we’re hoping no one can refuse.  Seriously. purchased seperately these are over $60 USD, and we’re letting everyone have it for only $25!
Remember your purchase goes to support and grow the many projects here at Middle-earth Network.
This package is free for Sentinel and Champion level members at Middle-earth Network who have maintained membership for a minimum of 3 months.

Songs of the Dwarves now available!

It’s Here! The latest album from The Lonely Mountain Band and Middle-earth Network Founder John DiBartolo

Songs of the Dwarves - order now!

Track Listing:
The Anvil Procession
A History of the Dwarves
The Arkenstone
Horns of Valour (Tarnorili’s Theme)
The Bladesmith’s Prayer
Long-forgotten Gold
Lúki’s Beard
This Cannot be Borne!
The Sevenfold Gathering
Second Sacking of Gundabad
The Battle of Azanulbizar
The Iron Hills
Durin’s Awakening Song (2012 Remaster)

New Online Store with new features and new products!

Hail Middle-earthlings!

The NEW MyMiddle-earth Market is up and running with new payment options, new products and an easier-to-use and friendlier shopping experience!  And guess what, you don’t have to use PayPal anymore!  Quite a few of you had expressed interest in alternative methods of payment and we were actually paying attention so the new store accepts all major credit cards and paypal.

We’ve already added some new products from Jef Murray Studios and Grail Quest Books and there are more products on the way very soon!

The “old” store (i.e. here) will stay as a blog where you can keep up on the latest news, products, deals and special promotions.

An important note: Our store, while carrying our logo, name and products is a separate website from the network of websites here at MyMiddle-earth.  You may register at the MyMiddle-earth Market but your user id and registration there is entirely separate from your user id and registration here at MyMiddle-earth.

Also, we have even more exciting marketplace news coming your way in the next few weeks… ;-)

Visit our new store at and let us know how you like it!

NEW MyMiddle-earth Store coming soon!

We’re in the process of building a new online store!
While we get the new store set up, our current store at will be off-line until further notice.
Check back soon though as we’ll be unveiling the new store, with a lot of new features and payment options and most importantly a slew of new products coming in the very near future!
If you haven’t already taken our store product poll, please do so and let us know what products you would like to see.
Keep an eye on this site for ongoing product and store announcements!

MyMiddle-earth Store Product Poll

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"Home Again" poster art by Jef Murray

Now Available! “Home Again” Poster by Jef Murray

Poster art from renowned artist Jef Murray’s The Third Age – The Tolkien inspired collection of paintings!


"Home Again" poster art by Jef Murray
Artist Commentary:
I spent Saturday in the Westfarthing. I met Mithrandir on the East Road, and we wended our way across The Water and up The Hill. Bilbo was bustling at Bag End, popping corks and stoking embers, and I begged leave to sketch the two scoundrels by the blaze of the drawing room hearth. Whilst I painted, we traded tales and tippled tea as, without, the gusty fall winds wailed.

Jef Murray is an internationally known artist and essayist whose works can be found in various fantasy publications and calendars distributed worldwide. Oloris Publishing is the independent publishing arm of Middle-earth Network.

View the product page to purchase!

View other items for sale by Jef Murray.

Tyler Michael Jonsson

May 31, 2012

Avatar of Tyler Michael Jonsson

Thank you for visiting the brand new MyMiddle-earth Store.

We are very excited to open this store up to our community members!

The launch of the store has been planned to coincide with the release of the wonderful illustrated book Seer: A Wizard’s Journal by MyMiddle-earth community member Jef Murray.

If you are a fan of Jef’s artwork and his amazing contributions to the Middle-earth Network family, we highly recommend purchasing this book!

In the coming weeks and months you can expect to find a wide assortment of items for sale here, including Middle-earth Network Exclusives!